Sliding door fittings

NIKO sliding door systems can be used for many light and heavy duty applications:

• Industrial sliding door fittings
• Folding and harmonica door fittings
• Residential sliding door fittings
• Sliding glas door fittings
• Sliding curtain accessories

Overhead conveyor system

The NIKO overhead conveyor systems can be used for many applications:

• Painting lines
• Wood industries
• General material handling
• Meat handling
• TV Studio and theatertechnic

Crane systems

The NIKO manufactures and supplies of all kinds of crane systems and lifting equipments

• Light cranes
• Power driven cranes
• Jib cranes
• Electric chain hoists
• Radio remote controls

Transport systems

• NIKO manufactures and supplies conveyors for festoon cables and for hoses
• Tool suspension applications
• NIKO fall arrest system provides fall protection for people working at height.

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