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Radio remote control

  • radio taviranyitas kicsi

    The HOIST type (2 push-buttons) can control the lifting movements of the electric chain hoist.
    The NOVA type (6 push-buttons) can control the NIKO motorised light crane system as well.

    General technical datas:
    • Frequency band: 433 - 434 MHz (EN 954-1)
    • Operating temperature: -35°C / +80°C
    • Operating range: maximum 100 m
    • Durable nylon-fiber housing for extra schock resistance
    • Protection class IP 65
    • Microsoft Windows based software for easy set-up

    Transmitter features:
    • Power supply: 2 pcs AA size alcaline long life batteries
    • Push-buttons:
           HOIST type 2 double speed + 1 start/stop + 1 emergency stop
           NOVA type 6 double speed + 1 start/stop + 1 emergency stop + 1 horn
    • Safety: removable start key, hamming ID code

    Receiver features:
    • Power supply: AC 24/48/110/220 V or DC 12/24 V
    • With antenna, wire cable of 2,5 m lenght and shock absorber

    • The HOIST type has a push-button operated horn
    • Protection cover for transmitter
    • The NOVA type available with multi-button version (max. 12 buttons) which can control more crane-bridge spans and more electric chain hoist

  • Click on the picture below to download the catalog.

    electric chain hoist borito

    Leaflet - Radio remote control


1112 Budapest, Kőérberki út 36.
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