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Showroom: H-1112 Budapest, Vitorlázó út | Opening time: Mo-Fr: 8.30-16.00 | Tel: (1) 246 8393

Welcome on the NIKO hardware's homepage!


Helm Hellas SA. is the manufacturer of the premium quality industrial-strenght sliding door fittings and transportation systems.

Hőstop-Plastika Kft. is proud to be the representative of Niko products in Hungary.

Its products lines include primarly heavy duty hardware for sliding and folding doors, for conveyor lines and for crane assemblies.

Offering by NIKO feature also fall arrest systems, hardware for cantilever gates, sliding system for cables and hoses and tool suspension system.


For further information please inquire at our Custumer Service desk.


Yours Sincerely,

Hőstop-Plastika Kft.